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Five signs your child is struggling at School (and how you can help)

Struggling to learn or adopt new concepts at school may contribute to poor self-esteem in the short term and affect your child’s mental health in the long term.

Preparing your child for a successful Year 7

Making the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 can be a monumental leap for your child’s learning and personal growth.

What should you do if your child receives a concerning NAPLAN result?

Receiving poor results can be a source of concern at any time for a student, their parents or guardians, and teachers.

How Small-Group Tutoring Can Help Your Child

If your child is struggling in class and needs help with English and Maths skills, small-group tutoring can help them catch up, keep up and get ahead.

$100 Booktopia Gift Vouchers Winners

Add some new titles to your bookshelf with this competition from Kip McGrath and Booktopia

What are the benefits of tutoring for children?

If you’re going to invest in a tutor, you want it to be worth it. So, what are the benefits of tutoring for children? Some of them might surprise you

What is tutoring? A guide for parents of school-aged children

Considering engaging a tutor? Learn all the ins and outs, including what is tutoring, the different types on offer, and how to pick the best one for your child

Why do students need tutoring?

One in seven school children get a tutor at some point. Find out why students need tutoring, how to tell if they need help and when the best time is to get one.

Kip McGrath Partners with NSW Government on Schools Tutoring Program

Kip McGrath has proudly been selected as one of only four providers to partner with the NSW Government on its newly funded state-wide school tutoring program.