Year 5
Maths Tutoring

You may have noticed your 10 or 11 year old struggling with Year 5 maths. While many concepts will be familiar at this stage, the need for problem-solving and understanding deepens, causing some students to fall behind. Our qualified tutors can help your child catch up and keep up so they can tackle questions and numbers with confidence.

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Start your child’s journey to maths confidence today.

Start your child’s journey to maths confidence today.

My daughter attended Kip McGrath for help specifically with her division. It was quickly assessed to be a lack of understanding of pie graphs and fractions which she had fallen behind in Year 3. She is now in Year 5. Through her weekly attendance at Kip McGrath and the enthusiastic attentions and commitment of her tutors, she is back on track with maths and more confident.
Her love of maths has returned.

Julie — Mum of Lucy

Our Year 5 maths tutoring program is tailored to suit your child's needs.

Flexible lesson delivery (in-centre or online) to suit busy families.

Meet our caring,
qualified teachers.

Qualified Kip Tutor
Year 5 Maths
Our tutors are caring and experienced educators with the time and ability to help your child succeed. Not only do they help numbers make sense, but they also make maths fun. All of our tutors are qualified teachers with the skills to expertly assess and support your child. They’re also extremely passionate about what they do and will be your child’s cheerleader along the way.

Start your child’s journey to maths confidence today.

Proven method, real results, confident kids.

At Kip, we support each student’s journey and ensure they feel successful in every lesson while building up confidence and making progress.

Our Year 5 maths tutoring program ensures that fundamental learning foundations are taught, providing your child with educational tools for life.

Year 5 Maths Tutoring

Our Year 5 maths tutoring program covers the main proficiencies of Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning. We help students develop these across the three content strands set out in the Australian Curriculum: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Number and Algebra

Estimation and rounding • Factors and multiples simple • Simple budgets • Fractions and decimals • Number patterns

Measurement and Geometry

Shapes and solids • Transformations • Line and rotational symmetry • Units of measurement • Perimeter and area • Angles • 12 and 24hr Time

Statistics and Probability

Chance experiments • Calculating probabilities • Posing questions to gather data • Constructing appropriate data displays

Quality Face-to-Face Lessons with Flexible Delivery

Quality lessons are at our core.
In line with our proven, educationally-sound system, our lessons are a fun, interactive and high-activity environment where students love to learn. As well as being tutored explicitly one-on-one, our small group sessions (max. of six) also allow for independent learning.

Every lesson is delivered face-to-face, either in one of our local centres or via our purpose-built online tutoring platform, which you can access from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are! This gives our students the flexibility to enjoy quality tailored maths lessons with the same tutor each week.

Start Your Journey with Kip McGrath

Step 1Book a free
learning assessment.

During the assessment, a qualified teacher will take your child through age-appropriate activities to identify your child’s strengths, as well as any weaknesses, in English or maths. Based on the results, the teacher will give you a true snapshot of how your child is doing based on their age and school year.

Step 2Receive honest feedback and a tailored learning program.

At the end of the assessment, the teacher will help you understand any gaps in your child’s learning that may be holding them back. If your child should need tutoring, the teacher will then develop an individualised plan to help your child catch up and keep up in class.

Step 3Meet with your Kip qualified tutor every week.

Your child will meet with the same tutor for 60 mins each week and focus in on those areas where help is needed the most. As your child starts to build confidence in their abilities, they begin to feel more confident at school and within themselves.

Step 4Receive regular reporting and see the difference in their results.

We provide regular progress reports to parents so you can see the difference Kip McGrath is making to your child. As progress is made, your child will be able to achieve learning goals set out in their plan. Through small steps, we see big results!

Don’t wait — start your child’s journey to maths confidence today!