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Whether it’s a feeling or recent results, falling behind in school happens to everyone. Our self assessment app is designed to give you insight into where a student currently sits, measured against where they should be.

The self assessment is based on our qualified teacher assessment which we’ve used for 45 years to identify children struggling with school. It tests their ability to answer questions that they should be able to based on their current grade.

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How it works.

how-it-works how-it-works

How it works.

Our online assessment is a basic skills test which provides an indicative snapshot of your child’s skills against the previous year of schooling.


Select your child’s current grade year (e.g. Year 3)


Let your child complete the test without help


Receive an instant email summarising the results


Book a free comprehensive review if required

Request a free review from a qualified teacher.

Our qualified teachers can explain the results to you and book you in for a more comprehensive free assessment in your nearest Kip McGrath Education Centre or online. This will provide you with deeper, more accurate insights into your child’s strengths and weaknesses so you can decide on next steps.

Request a Kip tutor review
The self assessment app is free and parents will receive a full summary of the results. If you wish to have a comprehensive review of the results completed with a qualified teacher, this is also free of charge by booking an appointment with Kip McGrath either online or at your nearest Kip McGrath centre.
It usually takes a student approximately 5-15mins to complete a test, however please do not be concerned if it takes your child more or less time. This is normal. If you wish to have a free comprehensive review with a qualified teacher, this will take 40-60mins can be booked online here.
The self assessment app is a basic skills tests based on maths skills from the end of the previous year of schooling. For more accurate insights into your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses, you schedule a review with a qualified Kip tutor. Our detailed assessment process will help prepare a more comprehensive report that can be shared with your classroom teacher.
You can book a full learning assessment with one of our qualified Kip tutors online at The assessment takes 40-60 mins and can be conducted online or at your nearest Kip tutoring centre.
During our review process, a qualified Kip tutor will help explain the areas where your child needs the most support, as well as identifying their strengths. We can then build a tailored learning program designed to help your child achieve their goals and help them catch up, and keep up, in class. To get started, book a free review with a qualified Kip tutor today.
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