Kip McGrath's History of Providing Globally Recognised Education

Kip McGrath Education Centres started in a family garage in Maitland, NSW, Australia, since then we have grown into a global business, building the confidence of millions of children worldwide. Founded in 1976 by Kip and Dugnea McGrath, the organisation was built on a simple yet profound belief: "Every child can learn, they just need to be taught properly."

This philosophy became the driving force behind Kip McGrath's mission to provide personalised tutoring and support to children struggling with their education. What started as a small-scale effort quickly gained momentum, as the comprehensive system was developed and proved highly effective in identifying and addressing gaps in children's learning.

Over 45 years, Kip McGrath Education Centres have expanded to nearly 500 tutoring centres across 14 countries. Our growth is a testament to our commitment to empowering children and helping them reach their full potential.

The founder, Kip McGrath understood the importance of tailored education. This is why every student receives our comprehensive assessment to identify their specific strengths and areas for improvement. This personalised approach enables our qualified teachers to develop a bespoke learning plan that targets their unique needs.

Through this proven methodology, Kip McGrath Education Centres have empowered countless students to overcome academic challenges, boost their confidence and develop a solid foundation in core concepts in English and maths. Our impact extends far beyond the classroom, our centres work within their communities, supporting families and building confidence.

With thousands of successful testimonials and a commitment to continuous innovation with the education sector, Kip McGrath Education Centres are trusted by parents to aid in their child's educational journey. Join the millions of families worldwide who have experienced the supportive power of our personalised tuition and see how we can aid in your child's confidence as they unlock their true potential.

Find out why our Kip methodology works by booking a free assessment today.

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