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At Kip McGrath, we believe everybody has the right to read, write and calculate, they just need to be taught properly. Our qualified tutors, individualised learning programs, and proven methodology can help students reach their full potential.

In Centre Tutoring

There is a Kip McGrath English and maths tutor near you.

Our in centre tutoring is conducted in small group sessions with qualified teachers. We have three tutoring centres located in the Hunter including:

Green Hills
Raymond Terrace

Live Online Tutoring

Face to face tutoring online from the safety and comfort of home.

Online tutoring is the exact same experience as in centre, except that it is delivered via our secure, purpose-built tutoring platform. It's in real time with a qualified teacher who works through activities with your child using an interactive whiteboard.

How to get started with Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath’s proven methodology can help your child improve their skills in English and Maths. Start today and improve your child’s results.
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Book a free learning assessment online.

During the assessment, a qualified teacher will take your child through age-appropriate activities to identify your child’s strengths, as well as any weaknesses, in English or maths. Based on the results, the teacher will give you a true snapshot of how your child is doing based on their age and school year.

Learning starts here
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Receive honest feedback and a tailored learning program.

At the end of the assessment, the teacher will help you understand any gaps in your child’s learning that may be holding them back. If your child should need tutoring, the teacher will then develop an individualised plan to help your child catch up and keep up in class.

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Meet with your Kip qualified tutor every week.

Your child will meet with the same tutor for 60 mins each week and focus in on those areas where help is needed the most. As your child starts to build confidence in their abilities, they begin to feel more confident at school and within themselves.

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See the difference in their results.

We provide regular progress reports to parents so you can see the difference Kip McGrath is making to your child. As progress is made, your child will be able to achieve learning goals set out in their plan. Through small steps, we see big results!

I would recommend Kip McGrath to anyone whose child needs a helping hand, because they won't find a more dedicated and genuine team.
Mum of Conner

Start today to improve your child’s results

Kip McGrath is a global company that has been improving English and maths results for over 45 years. We know what works and can help your child succeed in school.

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