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Kip McGrath keeps pace with 21st century learning.

At Kip McGrath Education Centres we believe that every child has the right to a quality education regardless of their background and circumstance. Over the years the tutoring industry has grown as the demand for better education for employment has increased. This trend provides an opportunity to capture and service those students who are falling through the educational cracks and to provide a little push to children who need it.

The current business is built on an infrastructure that allows the teachers to focus on delivering the highest standard of tutoring, while successfully facilitating excellent customer service and business growth. With over 500 franchise partners around the world and growing, now is the perfect time to join Kip McGrath as a franchisee.  In 2014, Kip McGrath launched an exciting online tutoring platform so franchisees can help students both in centre and online – significantly increasing access to quality tuition.

KipOnline™ uses a unique online secure platform and integrated video link to give children access to real time, personal tuition with their teacher (similar to Skype).

Unlike other online learning systems, this retains the crucial ‘live’ pupil-teacher interaction, real-time feedback and manual work that underpins effective learning. The result of four years of careful development, trials saw 90% of pupils using the platform enjoy an improvement in grades, with 80% finding studying online more engaging and 80% more convenient.

The KipOnline™ platform has the potential to extend access to private tuition far beyond the 23% of children who currently have some additional, out of hours teaching.  And in so doing, KipOnline™, stands to make a significant positive impact on social mobility and even help Australia’s competitiveness internationally.

For the motivated business operator who wants to make a difference to the lives of children, the potential is boundless, adding another dimension to learning and results for the 21st century.


– Storm McGrath CEO

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