Starting up a new Kip McGrath franchise was both terrifying and exciting. So many new things to learn both in the content and the business side – but Head Office was with me all the way. They provided huge support for me too, when a year later, I purchased another franchise which was already established. The support continues with the new KipOnline™ program. There are so many opportunities with this business but the biggest one is knowing that you are helping students to gain confidence and enjoy learning again.

Adamstown and Belmont NSW

The best aspect of being a Kip McGrath Franchisee is that we have the opportunity to “Help Kids Who Need Help”. We love that we can make a living by making a difference in the lives of children and their families.


As a Kip McGrath Franchisee, you are given a world class curriculum, along with the technology to deliver it, both In-Centre and Online. Whilst the Mathematics Program and resources are fabulous, there is something almost magical about the Reading Programs. Maybe because reading is at the core of all of our education, and life itself, that we find the most value in the Reading Programs.


We remember when our first student graduated from the 600 Reading Program. It was a special moment. In that 9 months, his reading age increased 14 months, which is a fabulous long term outcome. Our favourite story for a short term gain is one student who, before she started in the Early Reading Program, could barely read any words, and even struggled with many letters. At the end of her very first lesson, the child went out into the reception area and read a whole sentence to her Mum. Mum cried.


But it doesn’t stop there. There is the opportunity to utilise the brains-trust and experience of all the staff at Head Office, with Master Classes, Online Training, and Conferences, and most importantly, people to answer all of your questions, any day of the week. There is also the opportunity to learn from other franchisees, who all seem willing to share their experiences, and what they have learned. Being a Kip McGrath Franchisee means we have a great support network. We are all here to help one another. This is why we love being a part of the Kip McGrath Team.

Bateau Bay, NSW, Australia

We have actively owned and run our Kip McGrath Education Centre in Burpengary, Queensland, for five years and are very happy with the decision we made to partner with the Kip McGrath organisation. During every tuition session, we feel privileged to make a real difference in the lives of our students as we work with them to build their confidence and skills in maths and English. We feel valued as teaching professionals, as parents genuinely appreciate the resources and skills we use to help their children catch up, keep up and get ahead at school. We receive an extensive range of support by our Head Office and State Developers, including thorough initial and ongoing training, quality teaching materials, engaging web based technologies for professional in-centre and online tuition delivery and management, marketing support, national advertising, cashless fee collection with automated payments and efficient administration support (including tutor wages, financial reports and BAS etc all done for us!). We also enjoy mutually supportive relationships with our fellow Kip McGrath franchisees. All of this, combined with our passion for teaching, has made our transition from school based employees to owners of a vibrant tuition business, a very successful and rewarding one for us.

Burpengary QLD

Rob and I started our first KMEC centre in 2014 and the journey has been amazing. We just adore working with our students and hearing about the wonderful things they do because of the support they have receive in the centre. Just this week we heard about how one of our early reading students has moved from level 6 to 13 in just 6 week of being with us! We know it because of the confidence she has grown in her own ability and the extra skills and knowledge she has gained.

To be part of her journey and many others is what makes us want to continue to offer this opportunity to many more students. That smile and passion for learning we see in our students’ faces makes our jobs as educators super special. We thank all our students and their families for allowing us to be part of supporting our students.

Melton, Caroline Springs and Werribee, Kip McGrath

In 2010, we made the decision to become Kip McGrath Franchisees after working in a centre as a tutor. As a classroom teacher, I knew that I could not always make the difference that I wanted to with every student. Being a Kip McGrath Franchisee allowed us to make a big difference in the lives of students whilst maintaining my philosophies as a teacher. The Kip McGrath Methodology was the reason that we chose this business over others in the market.

Becoming a Kip McGrath Franchisee was the best decision that we made professionally for our careers as we wanted to be able to help as many students as possible and be able to touch the lives of many families. It has also been a blessing for our family. It gives us the flexibility to be more involved in our own children’s lives but also to teach them about how to achieve your dreams. They see us working hard but the reward for our efforts is more than worth it both personally and financially.

We now own 5 centres and can’t wait to continue to expand further in this organisation. Having the support from the team at Head Office and also the technology has made it possible to own multiple centres and maintain the quality that’s expected to deliver.

We would recommend a Kip McGrath Franchise to anyone who is looking for a change and wants to be involved with a company that is very forward thinking and has a general desire to make a difference to the lives of students.

Greystanes, Bossley Park, Eastwood, Karratha, Bathurst Kip McGrath