Intelligence Development

Face to Face Tutoring

Develop intelligence, thinking and reasoning skills using Kip McGrath’s fully computer-based Intelligence Development program.

The specially designed program includes tasks that focus on:

  • Increasing verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Improving visual and auditory memory
  • Problem solving
  • Abstract thinking
  • Evaluation
  • Knowledge retention

Kip McGrath’s Intelligence Development program is an excellent resource for exam prep, entrance exam or scholarship tryouts. The program monitors student’s progress and increases or decreases difficulty level according to results instantly so students remain challenged.

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Will this program increase my IQ?

The idea of increasing IQ is really about improving scores in IQ tests. Using the Intelligence Development program will help you develop the types of thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills that are required to score well in such tests.  No-one can give you more brain power than you actually possess, what can be done is teach you how to better use and develop the brain power you already have.

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**Available at participating centres only.