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Welcome to Kip McGrath Revesby. Our centre provides professional tuition in the East Hills District.

If your child is having difficulty at school or is after that little bit of extra support then you have come to the right place. The teachers at Kip McGrath Revesby are highly motivated to ensure that each student receives the best tuition possible in an enjoyable and positive learning environment.

Our goal is to help your child

  • Gain more confidence
  • Achieve better results at school
  • Enjoy learning

Your child is unique. This is why we design and implement an individual program specifically tailored to meet your child’s learning needs. We believe that all children have the right to reach their full learning potential.

Our teachers care for your child by building both knowledge and self-esteem. Your child is taught by a qualified, experienced teacher who will provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment.

Why Choose Kip McGrath Revesby?

  • Free, comprehensive assessments
  • A modern, well equipped learning centre
  • World class computer software
  • A positive and relaxed atmosphere
  • A place to develop self confidence
  • We make learning fun
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • We teach children to think
  • A program designed to suit the individual needs and learning styles of each child

The basic system in Kip McGrath is simple: first, children are assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses in Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, and Maths. This is a FREE comprehensive assessment followed by a consultation with parents. From this assessment a lesson plan can be written based on the individual needs of the student. We also consider individual learning styles as this can have a huge impact on children's learning ability.  These elements are what makes Kip McGrath Revesby different from other tuition CHILDREN'S LESSONS ARE BASED ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS AND LEARNING STYLES.

Children are taught individually within a group setting.  Dedicated, experienced teachers work with a maximum of five students, each child working on their individual lesson getting one-one assistance as they require it. We will teach basic skills in English and Maths at the level required by the child. Experience shows us that children do not require one-one assistance all the time and as such, we encourage the development of independent learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do you teach?

We help students primarily in the areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension, English and Maths - from Kindergarten to HSC.



What ages do you teach?

The majority of students we teach are between 5 and 18 years old.



What makes Kip McGrath different to other tuition programs?

Kip McGrath does not depend on parental supervision of their child’s tuition. All KMEC tuition is provided by qualified teachers who understand the importance of building confidence and the student’s belief in their own ability to achieve. KMEC teachers provide one to one support and constant review of your child’s progress.



Will there be any additional costs?

No. We supply everything your child will need.



Do we have to sign up for a whole program?

No. At Kip McGrath you can pay weekly and opt out at any time without penalty. Refunds are available if accounts are in advance.


How do I know that my child will improve?

Successful tuition depends on a number of factors such as the nature of your child’s difficulties, their willingness to learn, regular attendance and attention to homework. Your child will improve if they are supported at school, home and at Kip McGrath. Every child that attends tutoring each week and does all of their set homework will improve - both academically and in self-confidence.



How long will it take to help my child?

Every child is different and every problem is different. After the initial assessment, we will be able to provide an indication of how long tutoring may be required. Your child's progress is monitored regularly. Time is impacted by the student’s attitude to learning, the degree of parental support and quality teaching.



Will my child receive one-on-one tuition?

One-on-one tuition can be very intense for a child, especially after a day at school. In our experience, children learn more effectively, and with less stress, if there are 3 or 4 other children working with them. At the same time, they are learning to cope with the sorts of distractions which will inevitably occur in the school classroom. Nonetheless, KMEC students are not taught as a group. Each child works to an individual program, especially designed to suit that child’s particular needs


Can you tutor my child with a disability? 

There are many disabilities with varying levels of disorder. We always recommend that you seek professional advice on this question first; however, we have taught students with disabilities such as ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Autism and others in the past. It is very important that we have an interview and assessment with you and your child before we can determine if we can effectively tutor them. Our main focus is to ensure that your child's disability will not interfere with their ability to learn in this environment.


Will you come to my house to tutor?

All tutoring is done within our Centre. This gives us the ability to provide the best facilities and teaching aids to meet the needs of your child and creates an optimal learning environment.  Many children resent what they see as an intrusion of a tutor into their private space. Furthermore, most homes will have distractions which are not in the best interests of the child’s learning performance. Kip McGrath Centres are purposefully designed to provide a pleasant learning environment which is fully equipped with all the materials and aids we need to successfully teach your child. Unlike home tuition, if a KMEC teacher cannot attend there will always be a relief teacher available to ensure the continuity of your child’s learning program.



Do you tutor online?

Online tutoring is currently being developed which will mimic the proven Kip McGrath method of tutoring delivered in the Centre.



How does the initial assessment work?

Many parents are concerned about how their children are performing at school and whether their children are at the appropriate level for their age and class. We provide a free, no obligation assessment and discuss the results with you in detail to determine exactly how your child is performing.



How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 80 minutes long. The number of sessions a student attends each week depends on their needs. Even young children attend for 80 minutes - their lessons are broken up into 10 minute activities, designed to keep them keen and interested.



What times are the lessons held?

There are a variety of lesson times available to suit you and your child's activities. The majority are after school during week days however we try to be flexible according to the availability of your child.



Will my child get homework?

Homework is an essential part of the Kip McGrath program, particularly for Reading students. We are aware of each student's school workload so set homework is generally limited to around half an hour each week which keeps their short-term memory ticking over and gives you a chance to see how they are faring. If you have difficulty getting your child to complete the homework, please contact us immediately.



How should I help my child while at Kip McGrath?

Make your child's school teacher is aware that you are getting your child tutored and ask to be kept up to date with your child's performance at school and any areas that the teacher believes needs attention. Set aside a place and a time for your child to do homework from both school and Kip McGrath and ensure that they complete it each week. Make sure that they attend their tutoring sessions each week - regularity is a major key to improving your child's results. Always let the teacher know if you have any concerns about the progress of your child or the type of work that they are doing.

Revesby Centre Reviews

Revesby Centre Reviews

"My son always looks forward to attending so you must be doing lots right."


"My daughter's confidence in Mathematics has improved out of sight since attending Kip McGrath. This confidence is allowing her to enjoy maths and in turn, her results at school are wonderful.......always towards the top end of her class."




Contact Details

Centre Owners Daniel Belgre
Address Suite 18 4-10 Selems Parade, REVESBY, NSW 2212
Phone 02 9772 0575
Mobile 0410 364 616

Revesby Centre

Centre Owner

Daniel Belgre


Suite 18 4-10 Selems Parade, REVESBY, NSW 2212


02 9772 0575

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